Empanada Fork Inventor Hipatia Lopez Would Like You to Know You Are Not Alone

BY: Giovanna Aguilar “Luck Is What Happens When Preparation Meets Opportunity.” — Seneca Inspiring. Driven. Made of Steel and Ignited on Full Blast by the American dream. That is the Latina entrepreneur, inventor Hipatia Lopez who is in good company … Read More

Latina Media Adventures: Beauty, Health & Wellness Expo in New Jersey!

I had the privilege to attend this event as part of the Statewide Hispanic Chamber of NJ social media ambassador and met so many powerful Latinas. The energy at the event was incredible. On Saturday, I went with my daughter.  As soon as we walked … Read More

Rhabdomyolysis changed my view on life!

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I consider myself a very active person.  I played sports most of my life and always pushed myself to be better at everything.  I think it all began in college because I had a full ride scholarship which was great … Read More

Hispanic.com What’s an Empanada Fork?

Hispanic.com is fortunate to have the opportunity to chat with Hipatia Lopez, the inventor of the Empanada Fork about her new patented product for empanadas. Hispanic.com: Hi Hipatia, now tell us, what is an Empanada Fork? Hipatia: Sure, to summarize … Read More

Ray’s Latino Talk Podcast: How To Realize your Dreams Step by Step…

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Hipatia Lopez of Empanada Fork visits Rays Latino Talk Podcast to share her journey from making Christmas dinner to award winning Latina businesswoman. How did an accountant invent a unique cooking utensil that solves….Read More   Thank you for this interview … Read More

Delish D’Lites: Cubanadas (Cuban Sandwich Empanadas)

The Empanada Fork is a godsend to empanada lovers everywhere, and is the creation of fellow New Jersey native Hipatia Lopez,, ……These funky Cubanadas feature all the trimmings associated with Cuban sandwiches. Swiss cheese, sweet ham, … Check out this awesome … Read More

Mayra Bitsko

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I had the pleasure of interviewing Hipatia Lopez, inventor of Empanada Fork – a functional, must-have kitchen utensil especially during the holiday season.  CLICK HERE for full interview! Mayra Bitsko is an author, freelance writer, contributor, book reviewer, and occasional poet. Her articles, book … Read More

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