LATISM 16 – My take on some of the topics!

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Business: I am a business owner. I opened up my company in 2013. It is called H.L. Unico LLC aka Empanada Fork. I invented a kitchen utensil and patented it. I know that being a small business owner can be a lonely road. It can be very difficult to progress in your business because you don’t know where to find resources, or support. I have learned that networking with a group of diverse people can provide opportunities.

Civic Engagement: Getting involved in your community in order to make it a better and safer place to live in should be on everybody’s objective list.   I enjoy giving up some of my time to speak at my alma mater William Paterson University to inspire younger people. I love being part of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of NJ and being a social media ambassador for them. I believe we are stronger in numbers and our voices can be heard louder.

Diversity & Inclusion: It is extremely important to access new markets. Our Latino community needs to reach out to the General Market and the Non-Hispanic Business Owners. This is the way of business and personal growth.

Education: Latino communities face educational issues similar to other minority groups, including the need for adequate funding for schools serving minority and disadvantaged students. However, Hispanic high school dropout rate has declined and college enrollment has increased, even though we are behind other groups in earning a bachelor’s degree. We have made improvements throughout the years.

Health: This topic is extremely important to me because diabetes does run in my family. Latino dishes such as rice, empanadas, tortillas which are all delicious but are not quite that good for us because it causes diabetes, heart disease etc.   They are high in carbohydrates plus seasoned with an unhealthy amount of salt. But this does not mean you should not eat an empanada from time to time  – one must learn other cooking methods. (Ex: Don’t fry, start baking)


Hipatia Lopez

By: Hipatia Lopez

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