Empanada Fork at Chef Central

This weekend I had such a great experience doing my very first utensil demonstration over at Chef Central in Paramus NJ.

(They were having their Gadget Sale)



I had my daughter be my assistant for the day and she did great!


I always begin with explaining to people that the empanadas we make in the Lopez household are a huge hit at all my parties.  For this demonstration: we did chicken and beef.  My husband was asked a few times for the recipe.  The customers loved them.  The Empanada Fork Utensil not only makes the closing of the pastry go so much quicker but they looked beautifully presented.  This event I cross promoted with GOYA.  Empanada Fork Utensil was invented taking into consideration the measurements around the frozen GOYA dough regular discos.

(I do not make my own dough)


I am not the cook in my family but a helper and prepper in the kitchen.   My husband is an amazing cook.  He basically makes the fillings and I naturally close them using my invention: The Empanada Fork.  During the demo, I explained and introduced the new Goya “baking” discos.  I think this disco is a great addition to their already awesome discos.  Some customers prefer baked over fried to be healthier.  The discos are available in the frozen section of many supermarkets.

The turnout at this event was great.  I am grateful for everybody’s support and I hope to one day see my utensil in supermarkets across America.  Let’s keep the American dream alive and pursue our dreams with passion and determination.



Hipatia Lopez

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