Ray’s Latino Talk Podcast: How To Realize your Dreams Step by Step…

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Hipatia Lopez of Empanada Fork visits Rays Latino Talk Podcast to share her journey from making Christmas dinner to award winning Latina businesswoman. How did an accountant invent a unique cooking utensil that solves….Read More   Thank you for this interview … Read More

Delish D’Lites: Cubanadas (Cuban Sandwich Empanadas)

The Empanada Fork is a godsend to empanada lovers everywhere, and is the creation of fellow New Jersey native Hipatia Lopez,, ……These funky Cubanadas feature all the trimmings associated with Cuban sandwiches. Swiss cheese, sweet ham, … Check out this awesome … Read More

Mayra Bitsko

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I had the pleasure of interviewing Hipatia Lopez, inventor of Empanada Fork – a functional, must-have kitchen utensil especially during the holiday season.  CLICK HERE for full interview! Mayra Bitsko is an author, freelance writer, contributor, book reviewer, and occasional poet. Her articles, book … Read More

Candy Bar Empanadas by The Crafty Chica

  Gift idea alert! A couple weeks ago I went on a bender making empanadas! My inspiration? When I was in New York at the Casa Latina Home Expo recently, I met Hipatia Lopez, the inventor of the Empanada Fork ($20.00)! Did you just … Read More

Beef Empanada Recipe by Jeanie and Lulu’s Kitchen

  In the park that was a block away from my culinary school, there were a whole bunch of food trucks that I would always go check out for a snack before class. Battling my way for almost two hours … Read More

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