Anina’s Recipes: Cheese, Corn and Chilli Empanadas

A mouthwatering snack made with a sour cream dough, filled with a combination of three cheeses, corn kernels and chilli.  

Don’t you just love a simple home made snack, bursting with flavour and deliciousness? Well, I found my weak spot, these Cheese, Corn and Chilli Empanadas are the type of appetizer that gets me going and going…until they’re all gone, you see.

I couldn’t wait to test out this Empanada Fork, and upon opening my parcel after delivery I found a cool information booklet inside, all about the artist’s story. Heart-warming indeed…


Back to the recipe, I used a combination of three cheeses with corn kernels and chilli flakes to make a pretty decent bite, to enjoy at any special occasion. I used a very simple sour cream dough recipe for these Empanadas and if you have any of it left, just pop it in the freezer until you feel like baking again.

Click on picture below to read more on this delicious recipe.  Courtesy of Anina’s Recipe!  Thank You!



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